Whether you’re running your own business or charged with driving results for your organisation, we have the expertise and suite of services you need to achieve your business outcomes and thrive.

At RAFT Private, we’re modernising accounting with a proactive and progressive approach that keeps you and your finances on track for success.

Trade & construction

Tradies need accountants, too — we work with both residential and commercial clients, as well as both job- and project-based operations. Managing invoices, quoting, deposits, progress payments, retention, variations, deductions and more on top of coordinating clients and your own finances can be a headache. We focus on providing strategies to help you manage and understand your costs, increase efficiency, maximise profits, and most of all, lighten your load so you can get back on the tools and do your best work. 

Funds management

The funds management and financial service industry has become increasingly competitive, with ever-changing regulations and considerations. You focus on what makes you the money, and we’ll focus on making sure it all runs smoothly.


Whether you’re a franchisee, franchisor, or looking to franchise your business for the first time, there’s lots to consider around tax obligations, business plans, projections, negotiation, and more. We collaborate with additional specialists in the franchise industry to help you grow your business.


The online retail world has been turned upside down with supply chain issues, fluctuating commodity prices, buy now pay later (BNPL) programs, declining consumer confidence and ever-increasing competition, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.


While diverse in product offerings, most businesses in the Australian manufacturing sector are small, family-owned operations that bear the brunt of high labour, shipping, and raw material costs, offshore competition from emerging economies, and modest production runs. Whatever stage your business is at, we can help structure and manage your finances to most effectively contend with these challenges.

Start ups

If you’re thinking of founding a business or are already the proud parent of a start-up, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re too small to need a professional accountant. From business plans and structuring to the complexities of tax, it’s vital to get it right from the start to avoid paying for it later. This sets you up for success, clarifies your goals, and makes scaling your business as you grow a much smoother process.

Car dealerships & repairs

We support clients across the automotive industry, including dealerships, manufacturers, industry associations, tuning and servicing specialists and independent mechanics. Our broad range of services are specifically tailored to relevant issues and situations that arise in this business.

Property development

Property development is a complicated industry that requires a particular expertise to navigate complex tax structuring, changing regulations, a fluctuating economy, finance costs, cash flow, contracts, GST and more. Our understanding of the intricacies of this sector offers you confidence that these important areas of your business are properly taken care of.

Medical & allied health

If you’re a GP, surgeon, specialist, consultant, dentist, orthodontist, or allied health professional, you’re faced with strenuous accounting requirements and management reporting, as well as the complex tax and compliance laws of the medical field. We’re here to make sure all regulations are complied with to the letter, whether you manage a practice or are a solo provider. We also offer proactive advice so you can make the smartest financial decisions.

Retail & hospitality

Consumer behaviour is evolving faster than ever, meaning the retail and hospitality industry needs to stay vigilant and flexible enough to keep up — whether it’s managing inventory and supply chains, monitoring cash flow and profitability, or delivering an exceptional customer experience.

No matter what retail goods you sell or hospitality business you run, from cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels, to travel agencies, holiday parks, event planning, function spaces and catering, we have the expertise to help you scale your operations, navigate challenges and make the most of your finances.

Crypto currency & NFT's

No other phenomenon reflects the fast-moving nature of the 21st century than the popular explosion of cryptocurrencies like Etherium, Chainlink, Cardano, and of course, Bitcoin. It’s even given rise to a whole new language including chain-splits, ICOs and coin-burnings. While fun and exciting, these virtual currencies incur real-world responsibilities when it comes to tax, investment and trading — but we’re equipped to deal with all possible outcomes.


We offer proactive advice, action and strategies for any industry or situation. And we’re not just accountants... we’re accountable, too.

RAFT Private has been an amazing strategic partner for our fast growing business. We couldn't recommend them enough.

Maximilian Kruse

Founder, Studio Tekni

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